Fast Forward - Kayli Hendricks

Posted by Phil Smith on

Kayli Hendricks has long been lighting up the park at Trollhaugen and now she’s teamed up with Veroniqi Hanssen on a new video series aimed at showcasing some of the talented women riders currently on the come up. The first Fast Forward edit can be watched above. Keep an eye out for the next one.

From Fast Forward:

First video in a series highlighting women’s riding in the industry. Kicking off the first one at Trollhaugen with a women’s progression event meant to inspire and support more women to expand into the park. During the making of these video’s we’re putting an emphasis on reducing our carbon footprint while encouraging others to do the same. After this season starter, keep an eye out for our next video as we move into the streets. Riders in order of appearance: Jacque Lammert, Hannah Peterson, Kristin Jessen, Kayli Hendricks, Madeline Kuss, Katie Kloes and Jenaya Jenkins. (Quick appearance of Veroniqi learning how to ride again after an injury.)

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