Henna Ikola

Hailing from the snow-covered landscapes of Finland, Henna Ikola’s passion for snowboarding is clear. We are honoured she’s made the choice to trust Sandbox for the ultimate protection without compromising on style.

Kody Williams

Coming from London, Ontario, Kody Williams is a snowboarder known for his laid-back and effortlessly stylish approach to the sport. What sets Kody apart is not just his remarkable skills but also his unyielding spirit, demonstrated by his ability to maintain his presence and style on the board, even after a traumatic brain injury. Kody Williams is not just a snowboarder; he's an embodiment of resilience and passion.

Yuto Miyamura

I'm Yuto Miyamura Japanese snowboarder. I have been riding with a Sandbox helmet since I was 11 years old. I am very excited to be pro with my favorite brand. Thank you very much. I will continue to do my best to become a rider that everyone in the world knows for my cool riding!