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2011 changed TJ’s life. A face-plant on East Coast ice led to a bloody bashed up face and the epiphany that a brimmed helmet would have prevented his injury. His choice was simple - a low profile, brimmed helmet made by snowboarders for snowboarders. TJ has supported Sandbox ever since, wearing the Classic 2.0. This collaboration is a token of our appreciation to an amazing community leader. Thank you TJ.

"This graphic is a tribute to snowboarding in Japan. The rich culture grounded in mutual respect, the kindness you'll find in the local communities, and the incredible amount of light dry snow you'll find year after year have made Japan my favourite destination for snowboarding." - TJ Kern

Originally from North Carolina, TJ Kern has made the Colorado mountains his new home. Studying mathematics in college, TJ saw an opportunity to utilize his education in snowboarding by rigorously testing and offering feedback on a wide array of snowboards.

In 2016, he founded Board Archive with a clear objective: to create a comprehensive, free-of-charge resource for the snowboarding community. The mission at the core of Board Archive is to authentically portray snowboard performance on the slopes and assemble a repository of insightful reviews.

Today, Board Archive is one of the most influential and entertaining social channels in snowboarding.




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