24th Annual Bowl Series

24th Annual Bowl Series

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The Bowl Series is a four part contest series around the old school bowls of the lower mainland and Whistler. The first part went down on Canada Day which also happened to be the 40th anniversary of Canada's oldest skatepark in Seylynn!

PD from Juice magazine said this:

David Hackett has connections to Canada that go way back through his involvement with Skull Skates. Having shredded Seylynn Bowl at the 1986 Expo contest, it seemed fitting that the Hackman be there to officially celebrate the 40th anniversary of Canada’s oldest skateboard park, originally built in 1978 coinciding with Skull’s 40th. With little advance warning, other than Hackett’s image adorning nondescript posters plastered all over Vancouver, DH arrived with skateboard and sharpie marker in hand and proceeded to sign, flow and hang with the locals. With proof positive that some things in life just seem to get better with age, David Hackett and Skull Skates extend a warm congrats to the makers and maintainers of the almighty Seylynn Bowl making history and cultivating skateboarding for 4 decades! 


Stoked ladies with their new sandbox helmets. Photo by Olga Aguilar.


The second part went down in Griffin at the old school bowl there on July 8th and the third part just took place on July 22nd in Whiterock. The fourth part "The Beef Under The Chief" will take place on August 18th in Squamish and the Finale will take place in Whistler. 

We are stoked for the next parts and we will see you in our home base for the Finale!

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