Nick Dorsey on the cover

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Nick Dorsey threading the needle on the cover of the latest SBC Wake Magazine Vol.20. Photo by Dylan Miller.


Nick Dorsey has had a wild month. First he drops a full part in the new Formats film and then he gets the cover of SBC Wake Magazine Vol.20. We couldn't be more stoked for him and also congrats to another Sandbox rider, Dylan Miller who took the photo that landed Nick on the cover. Our wake team is killing it!


Tail Pressing to the max at a winch spot. Photo by Dylan Miller


Droppin' full parts and landing cover shots are just a walk in the park for Nick. Photo by Dylan Miller.


Excerpt from the feature "Behind The Cover" in Vol.20:

Raph had this wall set up at the Derome's park and had already filmed a few different tricks on it. Nick took a session on it afterwards and was doing some tricks over the fence, then we were like, "Man, I think you could thread the needle with your nose on that little gap." Nick got straight into it and started getting pretty close. I tried shooting a couple different angles from the shoreline but they didn't really show what was going on very well. I hopped in the water with my fisheye lens and instantly knew that was the spot. Nick took some heavy falls on the set up; he caught his heels on the fence like three times tossing him into an unintentional backflip but he kept going until we got the shot exactly how we had visioned it. Long story short, it worked! - Dylan Miller

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